Discover Japanese Art with Us! We're NYK Marketing, based in New York, and we're all about connecting Japanese artists with people worldwide. Our platform, called 'niji,' lets you find amazing artworks from Japanese artists and Japanese-related artists. We also create opportunities for customers to meet our artists in person through pop-up events.


Upcoming event

Autumn Japanese Handmade Maker’s Market/October 22nd

Collaborating with Japan Village for the holiday market!

This time, the event will last for 9 days and will feature collaborations with more than 10 Japanese handmade artists. Handmade jewelry, apparel, ceramics, handbags, and more will be on sale. Please join us for holiday shopping at Japan Village!

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Join our Japanese handmade pop-up events! Real events across New York. Japanese artists and creators gather, showcasing and selling their unique products related to Japan.

Learn more about the events from here.

Japanese handmade maker's market at pink FROG cafe

Online Store/niji

Discover amazing handcrafted items on ‘niji‘ !
Unique pieces by Japanese artists carefully chosen by NYK Marketing. From jewelry to clothing, each item reflects the artist’s creativity. 

Japanese handmade craft online store

We have artists attended our pop-up event from NY and also Japan.

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