We organize pop-up event to offer great opportunities for both artists and visitors to meet in person and heart the stories. Accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and more Japanese-inspired products will be on sale at the events and also online store.

New Arrivals

  • Gold Wire/White Flower/Earring/Clip

  • Gold Wire/Red Flower/Earring/Clip

  • Gold Wire/Pink Flower/Earring/Hook

  • Gold Wire/Purple Flower/Earring/Hook

  • Sandwich Designed Message Set/Chiyo.ten

  • Kitsune Udon Letter Set/Chiyo.ten


We have artists attended our pop-up event from NY and also Japan.

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We invite everyone to come and enjoy their pieces!

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More featured items from our shop

  • Pink Gold/Wire/Flower/Earring hook

  • Origami Cat/Pearl Blue/Akkanbe

  • Inari Sushi Letter Set/Chiyo.ten

  • Knit in/Blue/Earring/macarocaron

  • Origami Rose Earring / Blue /Akkanbe

  • Knit pearl Ocean green/Earring/macarocaron


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