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What do we do?

Connecting Japanese Artists with the World!

We want to spread the handmade creations of Japanese artists to the world.

NYK Marketing, based in New York, is a marketplace that serves as a bridge connecting Japanese artists with people from around the world. It was born from the desire to expand the reach of Japanese artists globally.

Our main platform is the e-commerce site “niji” where you can purchase artworks by various artists from around the world. We also organize the “JAPANESE ARTIST POP-UP SHOP” event, where you can meet the artists in person, held in various locations throughout New York.

E-commerce site

On our e-commerce site “niji,” you will find a wide variety of handpicked artworks by Japanese artists selected by NYK Marketing. 

The collection includes rings, necklaces, earrings, accessories, clothing, stationery, and other unique pieces that showcase the creativity and skills of the artists. 

We provide artist introductions and interviews to help you choose a special item that resonates with you. You can also learn about the production process and the artist’s inspiration behind each piece. 

We believe that the things we wear and interact with daily should be cherished, and we aim to help you find your perfect, long-lasting favorite item. Furthermore, we welcome artists who want to showcase their own works internationally.

 If you are an artist interested in having your work featured on our site, please contact our office. Let’s take the first step together in expanding your reach to the world!

Please check out our online store for a fantastic selection!

In person handmade popup event

“JAPANESE ARTIST POP-UP SHOP” is a real-life event held in various locations in New York. It brings together Japanese artists and creators who produce works related to Japan, allowing them to showcase and sell their products in their own spaces.

Since its start in 2018, the event has gained popularity through word of mouth and has been held in different locations throughout New York. People visit the event for various reasons, such as wanting to personally choose accessories and goods that are not easily available unless they go to Japan, experiencing special Japanese pastries and dishes prepared by Japanese chefs, or enjoying craft workshops. 

Stepping into the venue offers new encounters and discoveries, creating a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere. Many visitors stay for extended periods, and there have been instances where up to 400 New Yorkers gathered within a few hours. It is a valuable opportunity for visitors to directly meet and talk with the artists.


For our previous events, please visit the link below.

Events info

Message from the CEO


I am Yoko Ito, the CEO of NYK Marketing. Growing up, I had many opportunities to travel abroad due to the influence of my parents. Throughout my student and professional life, I continued to travel between Japan and overseas through homestays, vacations, and business trips. It was during these experiences that I developed a strong desire to spread the wonderful things about Japan to the world.

Our greatest wish at NYK Marketing is for Japanese individuals to have more opportunities to shine on the global stage. Japan is home to many globally renowned corporations. However, I envision a society where individuals can advance and believe in their own abilities, rather than relying solely on the framework of large corporations. Therefore, we aim to support hardworking individuals.

This led us to focus on Japanese handmade products. The quality and design of these products are exceptional, and when worn abroad, they attract attention with comments like “That’s cute! Where did you get it?” Through such experiences, I became convinced that we should expand our market overseas. In 2018, we realized this dream by organizing a pop-up shop featuring artists in New York. Since then, we have continued to expand our presence and hold events in various locations throughout the city. In the summer of 2023, our desire to reach beyond New York and share our vision with the world led us to launch the “niji” e-commerce site.

Our company has two core principles. The first is to introduce Japanese products to the world, as mentioned above. The second is to send a message to Japanese individuals who may be confined within Japan: “Let’s broaden our horizons and strive together!” When envisioning the future of Japan, with its aging population and declining birthrate, we can see that focusing solely on domestic markets leads to limited competition for a small slice of the pie. However, by expanding our perspective to the international stage, the future can change dramatically.

One of the things that amazed me during my life in New York was the number of individuals who engaged in creative activities, such as creating their own artworks, music, or launching businesses. I was genuinely moved by their endeavors and felt a deep respect for them. We live in an era where individuals can challenge themselves and succeed without relying solely on large corporations. If more Japanese people can take the first step towards the world, seeking new markets and opportunities to shine using their own talents, an exciting future awaits. It would bring me great happiness if, through our business, we can encourage and support as many people as possible, saying, “Let’s go beyond Japan!”

Event Info & Articles for you

Event information

Very unique pop-up shop for Japanese and Japan-related artists to display and sell their works! Japanese and non-Japanese artists who make Japan-related works will be promoting their own creations to the locals of NYC. We invite everyone to come and enjoy their pieces!


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