【Pop-Up Events】

We organize pop-up event to offer great opportunities for both artists and visitors to meet in person and heart the stories. You would be able to have experiences which you won’t be able to get online.

Accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and more Japanese-inspired products will be on sale! Japanese artist and Japanese-inspired artists are all welcome to join and promote their works!
There are many cute(kawaii) and delicate design items you might like. Please join us and see each artist’s unique creations!

【Online Shop】

There is also an online store for the people who can not attend our pop-up event.

Please check the link below. Hope you will find something you like!

【Japanese Pop-Up Shop Online Shop】

We have artists attended our pop-up event from NY and also Japan.

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We invite everyone to come and enjoy their pieces!

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Event information

Very unique pop-up shop for Japanese and Japan-related artists to display and sell their works! Japanese and non-Japanese artists who make Japan-related works will be promoting their own creations to the locals of NYC. We invite everyone to come and enjoy their pieces!


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