Let's celebrate spring with our talented Japanese handmade artists !🌸🌸

Join us as we showcase talented handmade artists at the event! Discover beautiful and unique jewelry, apparel, home goods, and more available for purchase. Plus, don’t miss out on our special Sakura (Cherry Blossom) themed giveaway goodies for customers who make purchases. 

Date and Location


91 E 3rd St, New York *Indoor and free administration 

📅⏰ Date & Hour

Date: April 7th (Sunday)
Time : 2 PM – 6 PM

special collaboration

Special Collaboration with Japanese fruits sandwich shop "Elly's Pastry!"

Japanese Fruits sandwich Elly's Pastry

Elly’s Pastry, which opened in 2022, will be featuring their signature menu item, the Japanese Fruit Sandwich, at our event! 

This delicious treat features fresh, ripe fruit with cream between slices of soft, fluffy bread for a sweet and colorful experience.

Please do not miss this opportunity!


They have a store in NYC!

Location : 11 E 32nd Street, New York


Sakura Green Tea tasting with Sugimoto Tea

Sugimoto Sakura Green Tea Tasting

Free Give Away

Sakura Handmade Soap Giveaway

Don’t miss out on our special Sakura (Cherry Blossom) themed giveaway goodies for customers who make purchases.
See you there!

Meet our talented artists and designers!


handmade reversible hat with Japanese fabric and kimono.

Kazaria 3
Kazaria3 handmade bucket hat

Sari Not Sorry

One-of-a-kind knitwear by freehand knitting

IMG_3884 - Sari Mercedes Molina
Sari Mercedes Molina

SumiYuri Studio

Sumi Yuri Studio, founded and run by artist and designer Yayoi Filipski, is based in New York’s Lower East Side, where she creates original, 100% hand made rugs and textile art inspired by Japanese traditional designs and the creative, innovative energy of downtown New York City

Japanese handmade rug artist SumiYuri Studio
Japanese handmade rug artist SumiYuri Studio

Pucci Ropa Jewelry

Handmade starling silver/brass jewelry. Made with special tool that creates organic and abstract shape. Enjoy a unique jewelry and hidden massages. ~chihiro takeshita~
 I put my idea that comes from my experiences, feelings and favorite things into my design. 
Each shapes and designes are slightly different each other as you are. Same meanings, but from different aspect.
I want people to feel the energy through the jewelry.


Interview article of pucci ropa jewelry

Japanese silver jewelry designer Pucci Ropa Jewelry
Japanese silver jewelry designer Pucci Ropa Jewelry


Handmade ceramics for Tableware , Home decoration . These are the one of kind for you.

Japanese handmade pottery Hirokoco
Japanese handmade pottery Hirokoco


The two girls moved to New York City from Hong Kong in 2019. To us, New York City is a melting pot of cultures and arts, filled with possibilities and dreams. We are amazed by world-class jewelry brands here. However, we also find affordable and cute dainty pieces of jewelry not so accessible compared to where we grew up. We questioned ourselves – Shall we do something to make the jewelry we love all the time more accessible here in the U.S.? JOGI NO YUME is our dream, our dream to bring affordable, high quality, cuteness overloaded jewelry to people who fond of them as much as we do!


Winny's Crafts

My products are handmade button earrings with unique Japanese style fabric from Japan and Taiwan.

Winny's Crafts
Winny's Crafts


Cherry blossom (sakura) in Japanese word earrings. Designed with beautiful curvy letters in Japanese letter “Hiragana”. This is designed with “さくら[sa-ku-ra]” which means “cherry blossom” in Japanese. From the bottom, clockwise, さ, く and ら.


Please check her interview article from here!

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Please note that this offer is exclusively available for customers attending the event and picking up their purchase from satokomatsu’s booth on the same day of the event.

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sakura hiragana necklace
handmade sakura earrings

Kikimama healing

Kikimama healing

Pompkins Baby by Nappel

Pop Up Sox are made by Japanese craftsmen using special knitting machines that create the 3-D animal ears and hands that pop out– babies love them and so do grown-ups!

They are ideal baby shower gifts. Pompkins Baby organic cotton products have a natural and gentle feel. They are made from cotton that is grown in soil not treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers for more than three years– ladybugs are used instead of pesticides, and is harvested after the frost has ended when leaves fall off naturally.


baby socks Nappel
baby socks Nappel

Fragrant Olive

Handmade soaps with Japanese koi fish and makeup bags using Japanese fabrics.

handmade soap Fragrant Olive
Handmade bag Fragrant Olive

Riverside Wrapping Co.

Riverside Wrapping Co. offers high quality custom gift wrapping service and Mizuhiki (Japanese paper cords) accesories by certified Gift Wrapping Coordinator Emi, based in Upper West Side, NY.

mizuhiki earring
Mizuhiki accessory