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‘niji’ is a specialized Japanese handmade product online store where you can find unique items such as jewelry, apparel, stationery, ceramics, and gifts.






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Stationery and apparel brand 'Studio Haru'

Studio Haru is an apparel & gift shop based in New York City, run by wife and husband 袁恩典 Grace E.G. & J.Q.

The couple met during a short film production, where J.Q was the producer and camera director. They married in 2017 and opened STUDIO HARU in 2020 for their shared love of art.
The name Haru (“春”) is the Japanese word for Spring (“our favorite season”). The shop focuses on releasing small-batch collections of specialty goods, where every collection is brought to life “by things that inspire us”.


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studio haru

Japanese handmade jewelry designer 'satokomatsu'

“Jewelry can connect people” Word picture jewelry in Arabic and Japanese


Shop satokomatsu’s jewelry.

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Mizuhiki Twilight

“Mizuhiki Twilight” makes accessories that make you feel familiar with Japanese tradition.

Japanese mizuhiki