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April 26, 2020/Resobox

We are proud to announce our eighth Japanese Pop Up Shop in East Village!

Accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and more Japanese-inspired products will be on sale! Japanese artist and Japanese-inspired artists are all welcome to join and promote their works! Please join us and see each artist’s unique creations!


【Date】 Sunday, April 26, 2020 12:00pm – 6:00pm
【Location】 91 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10003

Artists Vendors



WAQ,WAQ produces beautiful and intricate accessories with hand embroidery.
There are endless combinations of colors that can be freely designed regardless of the embroidery frame and created with any color.
WAQ,WAQ hopes shoppers can find exciting things from many colors and designs.

【 AKKANBE (CHIHUAKO taller)/ あっかんべ(アトリエチワコ) 】


CHIHUAKO is an art studio with Asami, Sandro, and 2 cats located in Peru. They hold workshops, art classes, pop-up shops and other activities at their studio. At this pop-up shop event, they will present their origami-themed line ”AKKANBE”


MORNO MÃO is a handmade product brand from Japan. It means “warm hand” in Portuguese. She is particular about hand embroidery.

【 macarocaron 】

We are creating original and simple designed accessories that give unique accent to your style. Our accessories, made of various materials, are simple “plus one” items uniquely coloring your daily life.

【 ナナウミナナミ (nanaumi nanami) 】

nanaumi nanami creates beautiful, classy plant themed hand made accessories using wire. “Bringing little happiness to your everyday life” is her motto. She wishes for people to  find a happiness by wearing her accessories.

【 Fumichenko 】

Fumichenko creates adorable handmade stamps by carving erasers. Each one has a unique and funny design. Enjoy yours as a stamp or use them as decorations!

【 mia_dresser_acc 】

Mia_dresser_acc produces works mainly with dried flowers and flower motifs.

【 chou chou fleur 】

The word “chou chou fluer” comes from the artist’s favorite flower. She wishes for her accessories to become your favorites too! All accessories are created by using natural flowers, so they are all unique and one of a kind.

【 a blue one piece 】

青いワンピース, a blue one piece, is a handmade accessory design based in Tokyo and Berlin by Mari Takahashi, a young architectural designer. Our design concept is minimal and simple but make the daily clothing bright-up. We designed our work with Japanese traditional materials such as freshwater pearl, wood, gold flakes and weaving.


CHIRUHA creates her accessories while thinking about the person who will receive it. This way, all he products are unique and handmade one-of-a-kind creations.

【 chiyo.ten 】

“Cute! Making people happy!” chiyo.ten’s concept is “I wish I had it” She produces food themed masking paper items like tape and letter sets. All of her works are gently hand-made.

【 Bead Factory Ever Green/ビーズ工房 Ever Green 】

Origami accessories (earrings & hair ornaments) you can use for both casual and formal occasions. One of a kind earrings, necklaces, rings with beads, pearls, and gemstones carefully crafted with love. She is a certified professor of “Jewelry Crochet” technique.

【 satokomatsu 】

Born and raised in Osaka, she was influenced by her parents, English teacher and Japanese calligraphy teacher. While a university student studying Italian language and culture, Arabic and Hebrew, she went to Florence to study jewelry design. After an 8 year career as a jewelry designer in Japan, she moved to NY in 2013 to hone her designs and skills. In 2015, she started to make her own jewelry.

【 Lism de Pucci / cay 】

“Lism ” stands for “Less is more,” a Jewelry brand by Chihiro Takeshita, based in NY from Tokyo. She is inspired by Native American Jewelry, nature and traditional Japanese culture. She is also a Yoga teacher and therapist. She discovered yoga in 2015 and it changed her life. The most important concept she learned from yoga was “Less is more” which is “taruwoshiru (足るを知る)” in Japanese. She had been making only Native American style jewelry but she wanted to expand and spread a message. She wants everyone to know that it’s okay to let things go and make more space to get something new.

【 KOKESHI 375 】

KOKESHI 375 creates products based on the concept of smile/laughter, which is very important to enrich our lives.

【 Malpha 】

The brand Malpha symbolizes elegance, confidence, and BEAUTY.