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Summer 夏Japanese Handcraft Show/East Village/July 24th

Summer Japanese Handcraft Show/East Village/July 24th

Accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and more Japanese-inspired products will be on sale! Japanese artist and Japanese-inspired artists are all welcome to join and promote their works! Please join us and see each artist’s unique creations! We will have Japanese onigiri vendor this time!

■Location:91 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10003

Date: July 24th(Sun) 12PM~6PM

Our Vendors

【fancy pop】

Handmade jewelry for the everyday girl

Handmade cute jewelry and accessories including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair pins and more!
🎨 Resin & air dry clay



Japanese Kawaii creator. Create accesories that make you feel magical

【Zen Art Calligraphy】

Zen Art Calligraphy

Zen based Japanese calligraphy and art. In Japan, we say words have a spirit, called Kotodama. I believe the words themselves are sacred and have strong power.

【Boy Oh Boy Co】

Hi, we are Cindy and Kristy, two best friends and the owners of Boy Oh Boy Co. We are self-taught artists based in Brooklyn. We love making cute affordable stationery items like stickers for planners and bullets journals. We also have enamel pins, letter sets, and more to come!



“Mizuhiki” is a traditional Japanese paper string used for celebrations. It is used as a prayer decoration to wish for happiness.
Everyday, with the strength of a Japanese heart.
These Mizuhiki are made of light material so that it is easy to wear as an accessory.

【Fragrant Olive】

【A.R.I Muffins】


Grab A.R.I Muffins that have been popular in Aoyama, Tokyo for over a dozen years. Now in New York City.

・Sweet & Fresh Seasonal Muffins : <FUJI Apple, Banana&Sourcream, Lemon&Honey, StrowberryCinnamon>

・Rich & Satisfying Savory Muffins : <PuttiTomato&Mascarpone, Anchovi&BrusselSprout, Scallions&Tunafish>A.R.I Muffins

【Meloncholy Co.】

Cute handmade stationery and miscellaneous items such as stickers, postcards, greeting cards, magnets, washi tape, t-shirts, pins, and notepads.


Hand crafted from start to finish.

Lunaris Jewelry by NYC based Japanese designer Airi Nishiguchi captures

the purity and effervescence of the moment you see a rainbow or a full moon.

With dozens of designs available in Sterling Silver, Brass and 14k gold as well as comissioned pieces, you can bring a bit of charm and delight to your look.





Using upcycle vintage silk kimonos and Obis. Kimono and Obi belt bag made in Japan. I have arranged the delicate and traditional designs available only in Japan into a modern style, so that you can enjoy them as part of your modern fashion. I would be happy if you make traditional Japanese culture a part of your daily life with my bags.

【chez téja

chez téja

Inspired from strong and beautiful nature. Jewelries by téja remind you that you are strong and beautiful. You all are flawless. Decorate your own style with these jewelries.


Japanklyn was founded in 2020 in Brooklyn, NY.
It all started in a small apartment with our love and compassion for Japan and Brooklyn and a passion for fashion, specifically hat.
The pride, respect, and patriotism for Japan and the culture, along with love for our community, culture, and lifestyle of Brooklyn, all fused like a chemical reaction.

Pucci ropa Jewelry

Pucci ropa Jewelry

“Pucci” comes from the way my husband call me. ( Because I’m tiny.)
“Ropa” comes from clothes in Spanish, because I like Mexican people’s happy feeling.

Made of starling silver, Brass, all handmade by using particular tool.
Unique jewelry will make your day

Bead Factory Ever Green

Origami accessories (earrings & hair ornaments) you can use for both casual and formal occasions. One of a kind earrings, necklaces, rings with beads, pearls, and gemstones carefully crafted with love. She is a certified professor of “Jewelry Crochet” technique.


KOKESHI 375 creates products based on the concept of smile/laughter, which is very important to enrich our lives.

Japanese Food will be sold at the event !!

Japanese Curry And Rice by “Kare Girls 華麗な女子達”