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Autumn Japanese Handmade Maker’s Market

Autumn Handmade Japanese Maker's Market

Our Upcoming Japanese Handmade Show!

Event details

Discover Japanese-Inspired Accessories and Art at Our Craft Show!


Explore a stunning collection of earrings, necklaces, and more, all with a touch of Japanese inspiration. Calling all Japanese artists and creators influenced by Japan to showcase their unique works! Join us to experience a showcase of diverse artistic talents.

Event Details:

📍 Location: 91 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10003 *Indoor and free administration 
📅 Date: October 22nd (Sunday)
⏰ Time: 12:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Don’t miss this chance to immerse yourself in creativity and culture!



Japanese handmade craft items
Japanese handmade craft items
Japanese handmade craft items
Japanese handmade craft items
Japanese handmade craft items
Japanese handmade craft items

Meet our handmade artists!

We are excited to introduce our talented Japanese artists at the event.

You’ll have the chance to meet the handmade creators in person, hear their stories, and learn about the intricate details behind each item. Discover truly unique and creative works for yourself or find the perfect gift for your loved ones.


Polymer clay and resin jewelry and sculptures


Pink Sakura Short Dangle Earrings 2 - chocolateclayyy


Handmade hat and kimono used Japanese fabric


2BBED11B-1940-4293-9E4E-2AFE089545E3 - mai izumoi


Stationary, apparels and art prints of original character Usagiduck and their animal friends.


IMG_0669 - Nao Kondo

Pucci Ropa Jewelry

Handmade starling silver/brass jewelry.

I use a special tool that makes organic and abstract shape.

Enjoy a unique jewelry and massage from me.


Please also check her interview article 

Japanese silver jewelry designer


Satoko founder of satokomatsu, a native of Osaka, was nurtured by a blend of influences including her parents, an English teacher, and a Japanese calligraphy instructor. Throughout her university years, where she delved into Italian language and culture, Arabic, and Hebrew studies, she embarked on a journey to Florence to explore the realm of jewelry design.

After accumulating eight years of experience as a jewelry designer in Japan, Satoko relocated to New York in 2013 to further refine her design prowess. It was in 2015 that she took the bold step of establishing her personal jewelry line, marking a significant milestone in her creative journey.

GRAPE pendant in Hiragana. Can you find the hidden ‘ぶどう’ in the cluster, a symbol of fertility and wealth? You can enjoy the beauty of language and culture with this ‘word picture’ style design. A thoughtful gift for wine lovers and Japanese enthusiasts.


Please check her interview article from here!

budou main - Satoko Komatsu

Hooks and Luxe

Creating by hand using eco-friendly materials, Hooks & Luxe’s accessories are perfect for when you want to add a little dainty sparkle to your daily life. All products are designed and made in Queens, NY by Ryoko Kitazawa, the designer and owner of the brand. After studying at Parsons the New School For Design, she was looking for something that would tap into her creativity and design skills and found that accessories design was exactly what she was looking for. She is originally from Japan and believes that it influences the softness and delicacy in her design, showing up in the pieces. The two different cultures in Japan and in the US have given her a broader perspective, and now she puts her unique sensibilities into handmade accessories.


HooksAndLuxe1 - Ryoko Kitazawa (1)
japanese artist

Unipaca Studio

Cute handmade stationery items like vinyl stickers, sticker sheets, and acrylic keychains! I also enjoy drawing anime-inspired art prints and have many future projects to come!


Unipaca Studio
Unipaca Studio


Just your friendly neighborhood part-time artist. Don’t worry about it. 🙂


Dishing out daily doses of whimsical creativity, Karepango is your go-to hub for art that celebrates the humorous, satirical side of everyday life. Infused with our artist’s knack for pulling inspiration from mundane routines, Karepango serves a hearty spread of hand-drawn stickers, prints, pins, and clothing line. Join us at the table where art meets amusement, every purchase supports a bigger, better, and quirkier creation.




Handmade stickers, accessories, and apparel


TeaLoveCrochet expands on what we normally associate with knit and crochet. Creating cute accessories inspired by Asian food, Harajuku fashion, and their own Asian American culture.



Poiful rugs

HOKKORI KAWAII hand made rugs. We create beautiful, hand crafted rugs with various designs inspired directly from Japanese culture and nature. They have a variety of uses such as brightening a room, bringing joy and delight, and of course, making an excellent gift for family and friends.


colorful handmade rug
Handmade rug class by Poiful rugs

Fragrant Olive

Handmade soaps with Japanese koi fish and makeup bags using Japanese fabrics.


She also had a soap making class at out event!

Handmade soaps and makeup pouch
Soap making class

Riverside Wrapping Co.

Riverside Wrapping Co. offers high quality custom gift wrapping service and Mizuhiki (Japanese paper cords) accesories by certified Gift Wrapping Coordinator Emi, based in Upper West Side, NY.


mizuhiki artist
Handmade mizuhiki earrings


Pop Up Sox: are made by Japanese craftsmen using special knitting machines that create the 3-D animal ears and hands that pop out– babies love them and so do grown-ups! They are ideal baby shower gifts.


Pompkins Baby :Organic cotton products have a natural and gentle feel. They are made from cotton that is grown in soil not treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers for more than three years– ladybugs are used instead of pesticides, and is harvested after the frost has ended when leaves fall off naturally.



Animal design Japanese baby socks brand Nappel.
Japanese baby socks

We will be offering Japanese sweets, snacks, and beverages at the event. Come join us and savor the delights of creativity and Japanese culture.

If you are not in NYC or can’t make it to join us for the pop-up events, please visit our online marketplace “niji“.