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Let’s Celebrate World Sake Day : Handmade Craft, Sake & Japanese Cuisine Event

world sake day

What's World Sake Day?

World Sake Day is an annual celebration dedicated to the traditional Japanese rice wine known as sake. Sake enthusiasts around the world come together every October 1st to honor the rich history and cultural significance of this beloved beverage. The event used to be regarded as only a national event in Japan. October 1 is traditionally the starting date of sake production in the country.

About the event

Collaborating with Upstairs NYC and MIKA to celebrate World Sake Day!

Join us in experiencing Japanese culture and discovering delicious crafted Japanese sake and authentic cuisine. We will also have talented Japanese artisans with us. Please join us to meet these artists in person!

world sake day

What can I expect at the event

We have Japanese handmade artists at the event, and you can also experience Japanese craft sake tasting. Additionally, there will be Japanese food vendors at the event. Please come and enjoy Friday night with us!


Location : Union Square

31E 17th St, 2nd Floor New York NY (Entrance is on 17th Street)


October 13th (Fri) 17:00-21:00


  • Early Bird $35
  • Regular Ticket $45

*Ticket will be available for purchase at the door!

The ticket include 10 kinds of sake tasting + Original Sake glass


**We check ID at the entrance. Attendees 21 years of age or older will be provided wristband at the check-in, please wear the wristband while you attend the event, we only provide alcohol drinks to the guests who wears the wristband.

Meet our Japanese handmade artists!

We would like to introduce our artists and Japanese artisan food vendors.

Riverside Wrapping Co.

I handmade earrings and small accessories with Japanese paper cords and also carry handmade greeting cards from Tokyo.


mizuhiki artist
mizuhiki earring


Hi! My name is Maiko. 

I am the owner and founder of Malpha Jewelry. My New York City life experiences have empowered and redefined how I view self awareness, self-love, being enough, and its value to genuine beauty. I created my first earring to represent my decision and commitment to love & value myself, in putting my needs first. Valuing self-love has made me a better person to the world. I became a jewelry designer to recreate that feeling of empowerment & beauty in others when they wear Malpha jewelry. My desire is to reach every person who needs a one of a kind positive charm to remind them that they are beautiful & good enough where they are.


handmade jewelry


A ‘Miso Soup Bomb,’ which allows you to easily make delicious miso soup, will be available for purchase at the event. You can also try a tasting at their booth.

Miso bomb


Handcrafted in the Bronx, our jewelry fuses Japanese Hiragana and Arabic with a concept that ‘Jewelry can connect people.

sake necklace

Her interview article is available here. You can also purchase her items on our online marketplace “niji”.

Pucci Ropa Jewelry

Handmade starling silver/brass jewelry. 

Made with special tool that creates organic and abstract shape. Enjoy a unique jewelry and hidden massages. ~chihiro takeshita~
 I put my idea that comes from my experiences, feelings and favorite things into my design. 
Each shapes and designes are slightly different each other as you are. Same meanings, but from different aspect.
I want people to feel the energy through the jewelry.

silver handmade jewelry
silver handmade ring

Her interview article is available here.


Discover MIYOMACCHI: Born 8/8/2023 in Manhattan’s East Village. We’re all about cat-themed sweets & top-tier pastries that taste as good as they look. Quality is our jam – premium ingredients & killer flavors.

Cat shape sweets


A streetwear brand for all Japan lovers


organic art reiki candles

Organic handmade natural candles one by one by channeling artist and healing cellist Chi . No chemical , no artificial color and made in NYC . her candles are added reiki clearing energy as well . Her candles are not only art but also healing and eye – candies . When she makes them , she puts full of love n wish your happiness as well .

Organic handmade candle

Elly’s pastry

In 2022, our small patisserie opened in NYC in collaboration with Tazue Inc. Our head chef, Elly, was born and raised in Japan. Elly has over 20 years of experience as pasty chef working in both Tokyo and New York. 

Japanese fruits sandwich

What kind of Japanese craft sake will be included in the sake tasting?

Special Sake Selection: 30+ Selections, 17+ Brands !

Learn more about each brand below. If you’re interested in Japanese sake, don’t miss the opportunity to meet Sake specialists from the sake vendors at the event and gain valuable knowledge.

sake brands

Kubota Sake

@kubota_sake_global : KUBOTA:“Tanrei-karakuchi”- crisp, clean and dry sake brewed in Nagaoka, Niigata. Introducing ways to enjoy our versatile drink.

kubota sake

Takara Shuzo

@takarasakeusa @miosparklingusa : Since launching sake brewing operations in 1842, in the late Edo period, Takara Shuzo have been providing for more than 170 years a wide variety of products underpinned by thier creative and proven technology responding to the values and tastes of consumers.



@kikusui_pr : 【Numerous Gold Prizes in Japan】

Kikusui has been awarded many gold prizes for its new-brew Sake in some of Japan’s most authoritative competitions, which judge the quality of new Sake produced in breweries throughout Japan.


@katosakeworks : Kato Sake Works is a local craft sake brewery in Bushwick Brooklyn, featured on New York Times, Kato Sake Works offers local sake enjoyed genuinely.




WESAKE is a sake brand that offers smooth, crisp, and easy-to-drink sake perfected by tradition, for everyone to enjoy. Crafted in Kobe, Japan, with rice, water, koji, and yeast, WESAKE is the perfect choice for any occasion and palate.

we sake



【Gold Prizes Japan】

Kinoene has been making sake in Chiba Japan for 300 years, combining tradition and art with technology. Kinoene Masamune participates in the community as well by contricuting to tourisum, and develop & sells confections and sake-related goods to enrich local culture adn commerce.


  • Early Bird $35
  • Regular Ticket $45

The ticket include 10 kinds of sake tasting + Original Sake glass

**We check ID at the entrance. Attendees 21 years of age or older will be provided wristband at the check-in, please wear the wristband while you attend the event, we only provide alcohol drinks to the guests who wears the wristband.


  • Will tickets also be sold at the door?
    Yes, if it has not been sold out and while supplies last.
  • How does check-in work?
    We’ll scan in your QR code at the venue, and give you a glass and drink voucher.
  • What if I lose the drink voucher and glass?
    Do not lose your food & drink voucher. We’re unable to replace these if you lose them. Use it or lose it 😉

Refund Policy

The event fee is non-refundable. You can, on the other hand, transfer a ticket to a friend.

If an event is postponed, rescheduled, or moved, your tickets are still valid for the new date and no further action is required. Emails will be sent to ticket holders notifying them of any available refund options for the event.


Japanese jewelry designer
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