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Togei-Japanese Pottery Pop-Up Event feat Hashi橋

Japanese pottery togei

We're thrilled to announce our special Japanese pottery event, happening on June 15th!

In an exciting collaboration with Hashi 橋 from Massachusetts and Resobox, we’re set to make this event a memorable celebration of creativity and craftsmanship.

Discover a stunning collection of pottery crafted by skilled Japanese artists, ideal for enhancing your home and dining decor.

We will have pottery workshops on the day of the event! Please check the details from here

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Attention restaurant professionals: Explore our collection of bespoke tableware designed to elevate your culinary presentations.


Find the perfect pieces to delight your customers! Plus, don’t miss the chance to join our pottery workshop with Ayumi, who will guide you through the joy of pottery-making. More details about workshop will be in below.

____What is Hashi? ____

“Hashi” means bridge in Japanese. I would like my store to be a bridge that conveys the values that go into the crafting and use of everyday home wares in Japan.


In Japan, the shokunin (artisan) is more than a master of craft techniques. The shokunin also embodies spiritual attitudes of respect for materials, full mindfulness in the crafting process, and selfless service to those who will use their wares.


I believe the shokunin skill and attitude are transferred to the wares they create. When I use one of these cups I not only appreciate its beauty, but also the natural materials and the loving effort that brought it to me.


In this way, the object deepens my attention to each moment and enhances my enjoyment of everything I do. I hope to share this special feeling with you.


Date and Location​


Resobox 91 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10003


📅⏰ Date & Hour


Date: June 15th (Sat)


Time : 11AM~4:30PM


We will have Japanese Sweets And Snacks!

Japanese Melon pan & Michi filled cookies By Tomochi bakery NYC

Mochi cookie
Japanese Melon Bread

Meet our talented Japanese potters!


I’d like to share my handmade ceramics for a small happiness and heeling of your life.

Which is some unique or useful table wear or object.



Gokigen Pottery

Bio: Crafted at home, fitting snugly in your hands, bringing tranquility to your soul.

Creating pieces that seamlessly blend into everyday moments, embracing and comforting.


Namiko Kato Pottery

Handmade pottery



 When making pottery, the warmth of the soil promotes the healing effect. Keep the shape as simple as possible and leave the rest to the flames.


A collaboration of glaze and flame, a work of nature. You can hold it with both hands, put it on your palm, roll it, or just pick it up and you will feel the warmth.


And someday your heart will calm down. Even if I think I made it the same way, depending on the season and how I feel about it, the baking will look different. I focus on healing pottery.




Handmade ceramic with organic shapes and colors


Namipot NYC

Colorful Ceramic Handmade in Brooklyn One & Only! They make you happy 😉


Japanese Pottery Namipot NYC
Japanese Pottery Namipot NYC
Japanese Pottery Namipot NYC

About workshop

Join us for a creative journey in our pottery workshop on the same day!

Join us for a creative journey in our pottery workshop on the same day!

Make your own tableware and anjoy your daily meal at home.

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This workshop is perfect for individuals of all skill levels.

You can make your own matcha bowl (one bowl) or plate from scratch using just your hands, and the instructor can assist you in creating a beautiful piece.

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Class Schedule

Things to prepare

Knowledge required : Beginner-friendly

What to bring : We recommend wearing clothes you don’t mind getting a bit dirty or bringing along an apron for protection. For your comfort and safety during the session, we recommend trimming your nails and removing any jewelry from your hands and wrists.

How to receive your finishing work :After crafting your masterpiece, please remember to pick up your finished work at our Manhattan studio approximately one month following the class.

About Instructor
Ayumi Nojiri I make and teach ceramics in New York. I love making ceramics because working with clay helps me relax and focus, allowing me to escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Additionally, I am passionate about sharing the joy of ceramics with others and am excited to host this workshop.