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Japanese Craft Fair /Resobox/Feb 26th(Sun)

Japanese Craft Fair

Accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and more Japanese-inspired products will be on sale! Japanese artist and Japanese-inspired artists are all welcome to join and promote their works! Please join us and see each artist’s unique creations! We will have Japanese food and snacks at the event!

■Location:91 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10003

Date: Feb 26th(Sun) 12PM~6PM

Event Brite:

Our Vendors


Hand made ceramic pieces inspired by Japanese nature harmony


Our handmade bags are made by upcycling vintage kimonos and obis. Kimono obis are made of silk. The fabrics have unique designs of such quality that you feel as if you are wearing Japanese artwork. These bags are for anyone who would like to have unique designs based on Japanese culture. By owning your own Japanese bag, you can always have a piece of Japanese culture with you.


Make handmade bag and hat with Japanese fabric

【Cyuui Crafts】

Enamel pins, keychains, stickers, and stationeries! Pink anime and cute animal themes!


Studio Haru is a minimal stationery & gift shop based in New York City, opened in 2020 by 元恩典 Grace E.G. Creating art, minimalism, and slow living.

The shop’s name means Spring 春 (Haru in Japanese) (“my favorite season”).

The shop focuses on creating minimal-kitsch stationery, apparel, accessories, tableware, and décor, where every collection is brought to life “by things that inspire me”.

【Poiful rug】

HOKKORI KAWAII hand made rugs. We create beautiful, hand crafted rugs with various designs inspired directly from Japanese culture and nature. They have a variety of uses such as brightening a room, bringing joy and delight, and of course, making an excellent gift for family and friends.

【Hooks and Luxe】

Hooks and Luxe is an NYC based accessories brand that the designer, Ryoko, creates by hand with meticulous care. After studying at Parsons the New School For Design, she was looking for something that would tap into her creativity and design skills and found that accessories design was right up her alley. She is originally from Japan and believes that it influences the softness and delicacy in her design, showing up in her jewelry, which could be the perfect accessories for adding a little dainty sparkle to your outfit.


Anime/kawaii/children illustration merchandise- zine, stickers, print, original art, tote bag, keychain, phone charm, buttons, phone grip.

【Fragrant Olive】



Lunaris. Luna (Moon)× Iris (Rainbow) If only you could see the moon and a rainbow together. Imagine the excitement you would have. My hope is that my handmade jewelry can give you that same feeling.


【Unipaca Studio】

Cute handmade stationery items like vinyl stickers, sticker sheets, and acrylic keychains! I also enjoy drawing anime-inspired art prints and have many future projects to come!


Japanklyn was founded in 2020 in Brooklyn, NY.
It all started in a small apartment with our love and compassion for Japan and Brooklyn and a passion for fashion, specifically hat.
The pride, respect, and patriotism for Japan and the culture, along with love for our community, culture, and lifestyle of Brooklyn, all fused like a chemical reaction.

【Riverside Wrapping Co.】

Riverside Wrapping Co. offers high quality custom gift wrapping service and Mizuhiki (Japanese paper cords) accesories by certified Gift Wrapping Coordinator Emi, based in Upper West Side, NY.

Pucci ropa Jewelry

“Pucci” comes from the way my husband call me. ( Because I’m tiny.)
“Ropa” comes from clothes in Spanish, because I like Mexican people’s happy feeling.

Made of starling silver, Brass, all handmade by using particular tool.
Unique jewelry will make your day

Japanese Food will be sold at the event !!

Japanese Curry And Rice by “Kare Girls 華麗な女子達”


Oyamada Japan

japanese onigiri


Founder Sayuri Oyamada has traveled throughout the world as a successful actress. Her passion is to send out positive and unique Japanese traditions and culture to the world. ONIGIRI is Sayuri’s personal project that is taking the traditional Japanese rice ball, Onigiri, and bringing it to the world with a unique blend of flavors that will expand your palate. Currently, She also has started Sushi Rolls delivery service that especially vegan options available.