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Interview with Ever Green who attended our event from Japan.

Our Japanese Handmade Pop-Up Event Experience.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Nagasawa, the talented founder of Ever Green, who traveled all the way from Japan to attend our event on November 24, 2019

Self introduction

I am Mihoko Nagasawa, a jewelry artist based in Sendai, Japan, and the owner of Beads Studio Ever Green. My journey with jewelry began about 8 years ago when I was captivated by the allure of beads and started creating pieces. Since then, I have acquired multiple jewelry-making certifications, including the Jewelry Crochet Professor qualification. In addition to creating bead accessories and jewelry crochet works, I also incorporate my origami experience from childhood into crafting origami accessories. Currently, I am actively engaged in creative activities and participate in exhibitions at department stores, events, and other venues in Sendai.

The reason for starting activities in overseas

Especially with the expectation that origami accessories would be suitable for the “Japanese Artist Pop Up Shop,” and with the support of my family, I decided to participate in this event in New York.

Positive aspects of participating in the event

During the event, I received a lot of positive reactions to my origami accessories, and I was able to directly hear feedback from customers, which served as a reference for my future creative activities.

Challenges faced during the event

As it was my first exhibition in New York, it took time to prepare the necessary equipment and materials, including English labeling, which was a challenging task.

Future activities

From now on, I plan to tour all over Japan, based in Sendai, and also participate in events regularly in New York to expand the scope of my activities.

Message to other Japanese artists considering expanding overseas

Embarking on overseas expansion can be confusing at first, but New York is a city that allows you to showcase your uniqueness. It’s a place where you can find inspiration from the abundant art that fills the city. Why not try venturing into the artistic city of New York?

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