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Interview video with Riverside Wrapping Co.

mizuhiki artist

We had an interview with Japanese Mkizuhiki artist "Riverside Wrapping Co."

Riverside Wrapping Co. was founded by Emi, that beautifully merges traditional Mizuhiki art with contemporary designs. Emi expertly employs the intricate art of Mizuhiki to craft modern earrings that exude elegance and uniqueness.

Mizuhiki, a captivating Japanese art form, involves the meticulous creation of ornate cords using paper or silk threads. Originally employed for gift wrapping, ceremonies, and accessories, Mizuhiki cords have historically symbolized luck and prosperity. Over time, this art form has evolved, combining rich tradition with innovative expressions. The varied colors and shapes of Mizuhiki cords hold profound meanings, contributing to its significance as a cultural craft.

Explore Riverside Wrapping Co. ‘s innovative creations by visiting her website through this link.