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Soap Making Workshop by Tamami

Soap making workshop information

Let’s create something fun yet practical, relaxing, and even great for gifts!

Discover the perfect blend of soap making and Japanese craftsmanship by joining us for an exclusive workshop. Your presence is all that’s required—bring yourself, an open mind, and a touch of enthusiasm. As you immerse yourself in this experience, you’ll craft two unique handmade soaps, gaining insight into the world of Japanese crafting excellence.

We’re proud to collaborate with the accomplished instructor Tamami, also the founder of the esteemed handmade brand Fragrant Olive. If you’re intrigued by Tamami’s exquisite Japanese handmade soap creations, you can explore her works here.

Don’t fret if you lack prior soap making experience; our workshop caters to all skill levels. Tamami will guide you through the process of crafting your very own soap, and we’ll supply all the necessary materials for your creative journey. Your crafted soap will be something special, and you’ll have the satisfaction of making it from scratch.

Soap making class
Soap Making Class

Date and location

Date : 10/22th(Sun) 10:00 ~11:00


91 E 3rd St , New York, NY 10003

Workshop Ticket


*Including 2 soaps(1 teddy bear cookie sandwich soap, 1 rabbit soap with natural exfoliant)

What can I make at the workshop?

handmade soap


2 Soaps – (1 teddy bear cookie sandwich soap, 1 rabbit soap with natural exfoliant)


We will use melt and pour soap making method which does not require us to use harsh chemicals such as lye. You can choose one or two types of natural soaps from goat milk soap, coconut milk soap, and shea butter soap. 

All of our soaps are SLS/SLES free which means they are gentle on your skin. Also, they are cruelty free.

Cute gift box will be provided after the class for you to bring your handmade soap home.

How to make soaps?

Here are the basic steps to make your own handmade soaps!


  1. Get Supplies: Grab soap base, a microwave-safe bowl, molds, scents, and colors.
  2. Melt Soap: Cut soap into pieces, melt them in the microwave, and stir.
  3. Add Extras: Mix in scents, colors, or anything extra.
  4. Pour It In: Pour the liquid into molds.
  5. Cool Down: Let it cool and harden.
  6. Take It Out: Pop the soap out of the molds.
  7. Use or Share: Now you have your own soap to use or give away!



Discover exclusive tips for crafting soap from Tamami during our session!!

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About the Instructor

I am from Japan and currently live in NYC with my cat.

Wait…. Did I mention I live with a cat? I live with a lovely beautiful majestic cat.

I enjoy making and mixing stuff whether it’s edible or not. I have been making earring for almost a decade. Don’t worry. I have been making tons of soaps too!


I am looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!

Japanese handmade maker’s market.

We are also having our handmade pop-up event on the same day!


Accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and more Japanese-inspired products will be on sale! Japanese artist and Japanese-inspired artists are all welcome to join and promote their works! Please join us and see each artist’s unique creations! 

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