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January 6th, 2019/Resobox

Date Sunday, January 6, 2019 1:00pm – 7:00pm


【 Chihiro 】

Chihiro creates accessories with her most favorite beautiful Japanese materials. She also loves to travel and create her accessories from materials found from all over the world

【 Cache Cache 】

Cache Cache creates beautiful accessories and iPhone cases using real flowers! She hopes
that people who wear her creations will make their days brighter than usual!

【 Ayame Uchima 】

Ayame uses various materials to create dreamy accessories. There are some little things using the technique of embroidery that she learned in Paris. These things will make any daily life a little fantasy.

【 cotoyomatsue 】

Cotoyo creates delicate thread accessories using thin threads such as cotton linen and silk. Her designs vary from pale colored creations, flowers, plants and more.

【 chou chou fleur 】

The word “chou chou fluer” comes from the artist’s favorite flower. She wishes for her accessories to become your favorites too! All accessories are created by using natural flowers , so they are all unique and one of a kind.

【 a blue one piece 】

青いワンピース, a blue one piece, is a handmade accessory design based in Tokyo and Berlin by Mari Takahashi, a young architectural designer. Our design concept is minimal and simple but make the daily clothing bright-up. We designed our work with Japanese traditional materials such as freshwater pearl, wood, gold flakes and weaving.

【 Yuna Designs 】

Yuna hopes her jewelry helps build connections between the feelings of each person. Her works are simple and minimal, but all handmade so that they are made from the heart

【 Violet Jewelry NY 】

Each piece created by Violet Jewelry NY is inspired by nature, such as flowers, trees, rivers, and the sky. The stones are from the Sedona Desert in Arizona, a place that is believed to have phenomenal energies. They are wrapped whole without any drilling or modification to maintain their integrity and energies intact. Each stone has it’s own unique properties and benefits, although you may not know what you should be looking for, the stone you choose will be the one you needed all along.

【 Candy5 】

Candy5 previously worked at Disney for one of their popular candy shows. See her in action as she’ll  be making unique and one-of-a-kind brooches in front of you

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August 19 2018/Resobox

We had our 1st Japanese handmade pop-up event in NYC!

We hosted our 1st Japanese Handmade Pop-Up Event at Resobox in NYC, featuring over 10 vendors, both local and from Japan! Explore a diverse array of offerings, from traditional crafts like Kiriko glass and Mtsuoka momen to contemporary creations like amigurumi and handmade jewelry by talented Japanese artists. We hope both visitors and vendors relished their time with us at the event.


You can also find event information on Resobox website, where they offer various Japanese-related classes and events.

Event date and location


Sunday, August 19, 2018 11:00am – 6:00pm


RESOBOX Resobox East Village :
91 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10003

Meet our Japanese artists!

We’d like to introduce the talented artists who participated in our first event below.

【 fancypop handmade jewelry 】

fancypop is a collection of unique jewelry and accessories made with beads, resin, clay, paint, and everything else in between. Everything is made with the everyday girl in mind. Fun, casual, or classic – fancypop offers something perfect (and affordable) for any occasion!

【 peco 】

peco was created to reach the many active paper cutting artists around the world. Its goal is to evolve the current Japanese paper cutting art to the next generation. With 10 years of experience in the field, peco ready to take on the world.

【 mia_dresser_acc 】

Mia_dresser_acc produces works mainly with dried flowers and flower motifs.

【 OlkaMade 】

Olkamade creates adorable crocheted dolls called amigurumi!

【 amidoki 】

amidoki is an amigurumi artist from Japan who creates adorable little stuffed animals!

【 Hiro-DesignWorks 】

Hiro-DesignWorks creates intricate crocheted pieces based on animals.

【 HIROYUKI MATSUI/Bizen Ceramics 】

Bizen Ceramics creates prestigious Japanese traditional ceramic wares
with over a thousand year history. It is very rare to find their creations outside of Japan.

【Matsusaka momen 】

Matsusaka momen (cotton) is woven with indigo-dyed thread that is rich in earthy scent, and has a wide variety of striped design patterns. In the Edo Period (17-19c), with its sumptuary laws that restricted luxurious fashion items, this cotton was highly appreciated.

【 Lucky 】

Born in 1955, Lucky is the head of Lucky School of Design in Kumamoto, Japan.

【Yasumitsu Morito (Ceramic Sculptor) 】

Yasumitsu Morito is a NYC based Japanese ceramic sculptor who works primarily in sculpture that extends from intimate gallery space to interactive public space. He has exhibited in various venues in New York, including a Public Sculpture in Carl Schurz Park in NY, solo show at the Bill Hodges Gallery, RESOBOX Gallery, and the Consulate General of Japan in New York. Morito’s work has been featured in various publications including the Wall Street Journal, NY1, the Smithsonian and the Consulate General of Japan. He is an elected member of National Sculpture Society and currently teaches Ceramic Sculpture at the Art Students League of NY.


Kimoto Glassware started in Asakusa 80 years ago, since then, they have kept to their principle “Keep traditional techniques and create the future of glassware”. During that time, they have made millions of glasses with offers and requests. They will continue as the major glassware company in Tokyo in developing and creating new aspects of glass in their downtown factories, while working with craftsmen, designers and creators. Edo Kirico is a glass craft that has been handed down in Tokyo. Edo Kirico was fostered in the urban culture among the townspeople, and during the Meiji era (mid-19th century), the craft introduced not only Western equipment and instruments, but also their technique while preserving traditional techniques and has been passed down to the present time.


The SANSAKU is a cup created specifically for the enjoyment of sake. It comes in three different styles, designed to accentuate and amplify the aroma, texture, flavor, and aftertaste of sake. Because, sake can be enjoyed at a wide range of temperatures, we have carefully spun single sheets of stainless steel using our specially designed mold and spatula, creating a vessel that can control how heat is transmitted to the mouth. Everyone has their own sense of taste, and preferences can change according to mood, physical condition and the social environment. The SANSAKU lets us enjoy our sake at different temperatures and occasion-perhaps you will be pleasantly surprised by a new flavor experience in your usual sake.

【KOKESHI 375 】

KOKESHI 375 creates products based on the concept of smile/laughter, which is very important to enrich our lives.

【may colorful sheep】

Colorful acrylic paintings with wool felt accessories

【 KaedeNYC 】

Vintage kimono & Japanese accessories

【 Emithnic 】

EMITHNIC express the sence of world it has own with unique and sensitive design, just like the each different ethnic express. People who wear this jewelry will polish their own originality and style. EMITHNIC is designed to have you glow yourself and feel different.

Handmade earrings

【 Gary Chafe Fine Art 】

【 Gary Chafe Fine Art 】


Haiku greeting cards created by Gary Chafe at Table Salt Printing on finest French Paper.

Japanese Haiku card
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ニューヨークに在住でJapanese artist pop-up shopのイベントにご参加いただいた の小松聡子さまにのご紹介と体験談をお話いただきました。







Designer: Satoko Komatsu

Born and raised in Osaka, she was influenced by her parents, English
teacher and Japanese calligraphy teacher. While a university student
studying Italian language and culture, Arabic and Hebrew, she went to
Florence to study jewelry design. After 8 years career as a jewelry
designer in Japan, she moved to NY in 2013 to hone the design skill.
In 2015, she started to make her own jewelry.


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NYのイーストビレッジにて、約3か月に1度のペースでPOP-UP SHOPを企画しております。